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My character is set in a future time, where polution has left the air unbreathable and people desperate.  Once the face of prestigious esports team, the Osaka Hornets, Yumiko was soon to realise that fame alone couldn't protect her. When riots over the toxic air broke out across Japan, there was nothing left but to start running. With people fighting over oxygen, and any plants still left to provide it, the country descended into chaos, which Yumiko must now fight her way through to survive.

Yumiko is a game-ready character, created for Search for a Star 2020.

UE4 project created with 4.22.3

Created by Faye Meadows

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags3D, Characters, Female Protagonist, Sci-fi

Install instructions

The UE4 project is compatable with 4.22.3


Yumiko_FayeMeadows_SFAS_UE4Scene.zip 234 MB
FayeMeadows_Yumiko_Documentation.pdf 8 MB


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is this cc0? can i use it on my game? thanks in advance :D

Hi, sorry but I'd rather it wasn't used in a game as it is a project very dear to me. Good luck with your game though! :)


Dw. Thanks for answering! GL to you too!